Samsung patents a mysterious Apps Edge trademark

Samsung has been determined to show us that new functionality can be found in the use of curved-edge displays. The pioneering Galaxy Note Edge introduced new ways of interacting with the smartphone, but as a first-gen product the special sibling to the Note 4 was not without its flaws.

The Galaxy S6 edge is a toned-down attempt, where the curves mostly serve to enhance the feel in the hand, though a few nifty extra features do set it apart from the vanilla S6. It would appear that Samsung is not content with that and has set on to take the edge to the next level.


A recent filing with the US patent authority sees Samsung applying for the Apps Edge trademark, though it is distinctly vague on the actual use of the term. Sifting through the text, we can find out that what stands behind the mysterious words is “software for organizing and allowing quick access to frequently used applications” – basically what the edge screen was fundamentally conceived to do.

Registering a dedicated trademark, however, may be an indication of a trend towards a more diverse selection of apps to utilize the present hardware.

Additionally, one could see Samsung headed for an expansion of the portfolio of devices that feature a curved edge screen, the alleged Galaxy S6 edge Plus being the next in line.

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